DKI: Deutsche Kultur International – Review of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

DKI: Deutsche Kultur International (International German Culture Portal) - June 12th, 2010; In this article the DKI provides an overview of the ICD, detailing the philosophy, mission, and goal of the institute. The DKI is a joint community project run by the Union for International Cooperation and the cultural division of the German Foreign Ministry. Learn more about the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy at
  June 12th, 2010

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is an independent, international, non-profit and nonpartisan organisation focused on the practical and theoretical promotion of cultural diplomacy. Its headquarters are situated in the United States and Germany. ICD is at the centre of a global network of the public and the private sectors, and independent partners whose collective mission is to enhance the process of international and interregional human interaction by improving the very fabric of social relations.

ICD offers the international community a method and platform toward responsible social progression. ICD´s research and programmes in the area of cultural communication rapprochement are viable alternatives or enhancements to traditional diplomatic policy that can be applied to individuals, communities, organisations or national entities.


It is based on the principle of cultural diplomacy that the fostering of mutual understanding, trust, and dialogue is requisite for sustaining a stable, peaceful relationship between people, cultures and nations. ICD believes that it is essential to influence these relationships, whether on the local, regional, national, or international level, by employing the Institute’s experience and expertise so as to prevent misunderstandings and improve communication and cooperation.


ICD aims to directly and indirectly educate individuals, organisations, and governments with regard to managing their various inter- and intra- cultural relationships, by utilising the principles and methods of cultural diplomacy. ICD actively strives to communicate and describe its orientation with various groups and individuals, so that the challenges of heterogeneity, stereotyping, and bias that may constrict their openness to dialogue, understanding and trust might be significantly reduced. ICD aims to reinforce the concept of positive and empathetic relationships, whether or not these relationships occur between individuals, organisations or states. ICD´s distinctive purpose is to assist parties to develop and enhance harmonious relationships based on the perspectives of cultural diplomacy.


The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s ultimate goal is to enable, educate, enhance and sustain inter- and intra- cultural dialogue at individual, local, national, and international levels, in order to prevent misunderstanding, improve communication and cooperation as well as to contain the potential for socio-cultural conflicts.