Cultural Diplomacy News (CDN)

"The Role of Institutions in supporting Culture to improve the Italian Economy & Society”

(Italy; Rai.TV, Tg2)

  June 21st, 2013
Culture is an economic resource able to produce richness, criminal organizations know this well and gain over 6 billion dollars from the illegal traffic of art every year.  Institutions need to understand this potential for the growth of their own citizens: this is the message of the first international symposium for cultural diplomacy, which took place in Rome. Its Major focus was on the role of culture as a bridge for dialogue between folks ,and also concrete objectives such as the protection of archeological goods in war countries have emerged. 

The symposium has been promoted by the “Società Dante Alighieri” and from the ICD of Berlin under the great patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. 

Rutelli: “Foreign tourists have brought 32 billion Euros to Italy last year: this means 2 big economic steps possible, thanks to our history, our culture, our patrimony, we need to make those points to our priorities or Italy would not even realize what country we are”.

Culture as national identity and mean for economic relief as well.